About Us


Our story

In 2011 we were amazed by the lack of functionality and flexibility in existing Point of Sale software. Sure there was software out there that was quite impressive and probably would get the job done. But some functionality that was missing could make your life so much easier.

And on top of that we found out that the makers of this software would respond very slow to feature requests. So they were not giving you what you needed and would not listen to your questions about this. This could be improved in so many ways.

So armed with these improvements as our mission, our team started developing our own Point of Sale system for small businesses. We kept our own experiences in mind and discussed with other small business owners about their frustrations and wishes. This formed the basis for a system with a bunch of functionality that is easy accessible for a great price: facilePOS.

Our promises

  • Functional

    POS software shouldn't only do what you expect of it, but also support you in things you did not even know you wanted. That is why at facilePOS we promise to stay one step ahead and offer you all the options you need to optimize your sales.

  • Flexible

    facilePOS is designed as one system for many different customers to keep prices low. But we understand that every customer has specific needs so we promise to keep facilePOS flexible that every customer can make it their own.

  • Facile

    POS software should make your life easier, not harder. So we will promise to make our software as simple to use as possible. You should be able to know what to do at the moment you see the screen.

  • Security

    Safety first! Security and privacy of your data is the fundament of our service to you. We will do anything to guarantee this to you and if a problem would pop up, we promise to drop everything on hand to fix this first!

  • Requests

    The system should do everything you need for your sales. And even though we try to stay ahead of your wishes, you might have a functionality request. As soon as you have send it to us we will try our best to implement it in the software the best and quickest we can.

  • Customer service

    You are the person we are working so hard for. We promise to help you wherever possible. We will never misguide or fool you. We will listen but also tell you 'no' if it is best for you. Our dream is helping you realizing your sales dreams.