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Secure your risks

What would life be without at least a bit of a sense of security. Of course taking a bit of a risk is what being a retailer is all about. But taking unnecessary risks is just foolish. We know that you retailers want to try new things, sell the unknown and cover new grounds. So there you take risks. But to make sure that you are able to take those risks, we at facilePOS try to keep your administration as save as possible.

Secure connection

For starters, as a customer you reach facilePOS through a web page. This connection is completely, from the start until the end of the session, secured. You use an "https" address which means that you are using the secure SSL certificate.

Encrypted payment information

Of course your payment information in your profile needs to be even better secured. That is why we, next to the SSL certificate, use a three factor encryption. We cannot guarantee you anything, but we can say that this is at least a pretty hard cookie to crack.

Lost data restorage

Another part of security is the safety of business continuity for you and your store. If for some reason you accidentally delete part of your sales, items, customers or any part of the information in your facilePOS system that might endanger the continuity of your business since some essential sales data might be missing. At facilePOS we make a back-up of all the information in the system every day. This is being done full automatically and you will not even notice it. These back-ups will be saved for one week. So in case of such a loss of data, we might be able to help you out by restoring a back-up. This might mean that there is a slight loss of data since the last back-up but it is better than nothing at all. So in such a situation, just contact us. We cannot give you guarantees but we try everything to help you out!

System authorization

If you are working with employees it might be useful to shield some of the functionality in the system from them. Of course you want them to do sales with the customers. But you might consider to only let some more experienced employees handle the returns. Or only let yourself set the receipt template. To avoid mistakes, or clicking accidentally on the wrong buttons in the system, facilePOS offers you the opportunity to authorize on different levels. For every employee you can select what the employee sees in the system and which actions he is allowed to perform.

Security breach solving

And of course, as soon as a breach in our security has been noticed by us or if we are notified of such a breach by any other party, we will take immediate action. We will drop everything we are working on to fix this problem. Because without a little bit safety there is just no business possible.

some features

  • Everything goes over a secure connection (https, which means it uses a SSL certificate)
  • Payment information (credit card numbers and password) are being encrypted with three factors
  • If anything happens contact us and we'll reset your password or temporary disable your account
  • Back-ups of all the data in system made every day
  • Back-ups of all the data in the system will be kept for one week
  • When a breach in security has been noted or report, we'll drop everything to fix this first
  • And more!


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