Hard time finding hardware? Let us help!

We are convinced that our POS software is the best deal you can get. But we know you need more than just our software to get your sales going. And as we already stated, our dream is realizing your sales dreams. So we want to help you with this aspect as well.

Below you will find all the different types of hardware you may need for your sales to become operational. Per category you will find the basic requirements and some tips to help you choose the right device for your needs. And we even provide you with some links where you can buy the hardware right away. As easy as that!

Of course you are free to choose hardware that is not listed below, these are just suggestions. Just keep in mind that next to functionality there is also a stylish aspect to hardware. To make a set of hardware look professional, even though you bought the components from different suppliers, try to get them in the same color. If possible also try to look at the style of the products and try to match them to each other. And if you still have questions, even about choice of hardware, just contact us. We are here to help you!

Even though we try to keep all the information on this page and the specific hardware items' pages up to date, it might be possible, due to technological innovation, that information on these pages is incorrect. If you find such a fault, please let us know and we will fix it and help you wherever we can.

  • Computer


    As long as you have an internet browser and you can access the internet you're fine. And when you want to use other hardware make sure they can be connected through usb, serial or vga ports.

  • Barcode scanner

    Barcode Scanner

    Needs to be compatible with the barcode types on your products. The value of the barcode is entered and enter is pressed after scanning a barcode. Cheaper ones are fine as well.

  • Receipt printer

    Receipt printer

    Connectable to the computer and a cash drawer (if you are going to use one). Check the type and price of paper, and choose for a thermo printer to keep maintenance costs low.

  • Cash drawer

    Cash Drawer

    Connection options to receipt printer would be great. Check for a solid lock that can be opened manually. Needs to have a strong point of connection to your counter for safety reasons.

  • Card scanner

    Card Scanner

    The value on the magnetic strip is entered and enter is pressed after scanning a card. Needs to be able to connect to the computer. And you might want to look for a card reader and writer combination.

  • External display

    External Display

    Able to connect to computer through usb port. Needs to extend desktop. A character display (with only two lines) is not supported, otherwise it's up to you; size doesn't matter...