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To be or not to be online

There may be many reasons why you would like your store to be able to run, without constantly being dependable on internet. Maybe your internet connection is not that dependable. Or you have internet connection for only one device at the same time and you work with more. But on the other hand, you do like the advantages that an online POS system 'in-the-cloud' has; the switching between different devices, no installation required and online updates and back-ups without hassle. Than facilePOS is the system for you. Because we offer you all these online advantages while also making the system available in an offline version!

Start offline

How does it work: for the first time connection to the offline page you need to login to the online version. Your database of products, customers etc. is then saved in the browser. As soon as this is done the button in your left top screen will say; offline mode: ready and turn green instead of red. Once you then click this button another tab will open with the offline version of facilePOS. You can now close the online version, disconnect from the internet and still work with the offline page!

Business like normal

On the offline page you can continue to make sales, just as you would on the online sales page. You can scan items, add discounts, connect customers, suspend sales, use the external display and let your customers pay using different payment methods. Meanwhile all your actions are being monitored by the system and saved in your browser history. As soon as your device is connected to the internet all this information will be uploaded to the offline version and synchronized. You can monitor all this in the advanced part of the offline sales page. Here you can also export or email the offline sales log or force an update to start. So all the sales you make offline can be used in the same way for analyzing as your online sales.

some features

  • All information necessary for sales is saved in browser
  • No internet necessary during offline sales
  • Connect sale to customer
  • Add discounts
  • Scan items
  • Scan items
  • Use external display
  • Use different payment types: credit -, debit -, gift card, cash, check
  • All sales are saved in log
  • Log can be mailed, exported, cleared and deleted
  • When connected to internet log is update in online sales page
  • Offline sales can be analyzed together with online sales
  • And more!


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