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FacilePOS has everything you need to make your sales dreams come true, nothing more, nothing less. As a full functioning Point Of Sale system it offers you the basic functions like payment, administrating sales and printing receipts. But facilePOS has more! You can import and export data by using excel, keep track of open credit card payments through reports, track your customers in the system with the possibility to link them to a customer card, use coupons and adjust the template of your receipt. And all this in an easy to use system for a low price! As easy as that...

For more detailed information about the different functions you can have a look at the specific pages through the dropdown menu at the top of the page or just scroll down. To take a look at the system yourself, try the trial. And when still in doubt, just contact us!

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Hardware overview

Killer features

  • Works offline: Continue selling even without internet!

  • PayPal Add-on: Let your customers pay through PayPal!

  • Customize: Create your own receipt / external display templates!

Works offline

If you, for whatever reason, are not able or don't want to have to connect your device to the internet, you can still conduct sales with facilePOS. And you can also enjoy all the feature an online 'in-the-cloud' system has to offer. You can switch to the offline page once you are on the online page. All the information you need for the sales are saved in your browser. This enables you to conduct sales as normal when you are offline. And as soon as you are connected to the internet again all the offline sales you made are synchronized with the online page so this information is also available for further analysis.

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To give you the best POS experience possible we integrated some external features in our software. You can check credit card payments with PayPal or with And you can check the possibility of fraud with minFraud. You can simply add selected customers to your Mailchimp mail lists for your marketing mailings. And you have the possibility to automatically search for names and descriptions with pre entered barcodes using Google shopping search or Scandit. Everything to give you the best POS experience possible!

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Sales page

The sales page is the core of the facilePOS system. Here you can scan items and coupons but also alter them. You can connect customers to keep track of their sale history and connect employees to determine their selling records. Discounts will be added automatically if they are entered in the system, but they can also be added manually based on a value or percentage, per item or for the total sale amount. Different payment methods can be chosen so the system calculates your return when using cash or keeps record of credit card payments. The total sale can be previewed before finalizing and printing the receipt. And all will be kept in the system for you to analyse later on.

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Products and services are the most important thing in any store, so they are as well at facilePOS. You can fill out all different details like name, two types of taxes, categories, supplier and unique barcode. By entering stock you can even keep track of your inventory and see in the reports which items are up for ordering. On the receivings page you can enter and monitor all the items coming in and their costs. You can also combine different items in an item kit for promotional and cross selling purposes. And with a special type of item, the coupon, you can keep track of the discounts you give to your customers. All this can be altered manually, but there is also an excel import and export function available to make it even more easy.

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It is important to keep track of you customers to improve your sales. In facilePOS you can add customers and their details like name, address, birthday and email. So you can send them mailings or a small gift voucher for their birthday. By connecting sales to the customer you can see what they have bought and give loyal customers a fixed discount on their sales. You can also open a tab for loyal customers so they can save up payment. Or give them a customer card that is linked through an unique barcode. And of course, next to manual adding and altering, you can import customers the same way as items. And there are even a range of possibilities when you want to export your customer list.

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As a retailer you would like to conduct sales the whole day and even longer. But there is more to running a shop than just that. One aspect is the analyzing of your sales so you can improve them even further. Therefore facilePOS has the report page. Here you can make reports out of all the data that goes into the system. The current reports include employees' sales, customer details, returns, coupons and so on. The list is long but might not be complete; if you miss a report just let us know so we can create it. There are three types of reports; graphs, tables and lists. Depending on your goal - just a quick look or an in depth analysis - you may choose the appropriate type that works the easiest.

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Security is just the most important thing for the facilePOS system. So we took some security measures to guarantee safety for your and our data. You use a https (SSL certificate) connection for all your sessions. And payment information in your profile, is three factor encrypted. You can authorize check outs for specific tasks in the POS system so you don't have to worry about employees disabling the system. To ensure a continuity in case of loss of data we make back-ups of all the data in the system every day. In such a data loss situation we might be able to restore the last back-up to limit your data loss. Anything to help you out!

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facilePOS is a system designed for many customers to keep costs low. But we know you are all different with your own wishes, so we add some personalize functions. You can choose your own currency, time zone, layout for time and date, store name, store logo, store phone number and email address. All these details will be used in the entire system. You can alter your receipt by adding texts like your slogan and opening hours. A separate field for your return policy is also available. Off course you can choose the width of the receipt so your printer can print it flawless. And at last, you can alter the look and feel of your system by changing the color of the pages and adding your store logo.

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A special type of item is the coupon. With these coupons you can actively involve your customers in the promotional process. You can choose to give the coupon a specific value or a percentage as discount for the customer to spend. Other fields as name or description are yours to fill out. To make the coupon end at some point you can combine a total number of uses and/or with a time bound limit. So you could for example choose to let the customer use the coupon 10 times before the end of the year. And just like any other item in facilePOS you can add a barcode to the coupon. This saves you time when handling the coupon and makes it able to connect the coupon to a customer.

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