Hardware - Receipt printer


How to pick a receipt printer


The receipt printer is - in some sense - just like any other printer. So it needs to be connected to a computer through a usb connection. And the drivers of the printer need to be compatible with the operating system of the computer. If you are going to use a cash drawer you need to make sure that there is a connection possible between the receipt printer and the cash drawer. Because the cash drawer can be opened automatically every time you print a receipt. This means less manual work after a sale so more time for the fun side of sales.


The receipt printer needs to print on paper to produce a receipt. Of course your store is going to have a lot of sales so a lot of receipts will be printed. This also means a lot of receipt paper that needs to be bought. So check what type of paper and for which price this paper can be purchased. And a receipt is nothing without some information on it. But to put it on there the printer needs to print. This can be done with ink. But ink needs to be refilled and can get messy. So we suggest you choose for a thermo printer which burns the text into the paper.


  • Able to connect to the cash drawer

  • Has a valid connection to the computer

  • Thermo printer instead of ink

  • Check type and price of receipt paper

  • Its look is compatible with other hardware in your store

Where to find it

With a receipt printer it is really important to find a supplier that can deliver the receipt paper to you as well. So keep that in mind when searching for a supplier for your receipt printer. So when you look for one on the internet keep the delivery terms in mind.