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At facilePOS we try to offer you the best POS experience possible. This means that we not only build in functionality that you might need, but we also try to integrate solutions from other companies that are interesting for our customers. Why invent the wheel again when the service for the customers is ready to use? That is why we have integrated a few add-ons and payment gateways in our own software.

Payment gateways

Every customer has their own specific requirements when it comes to payment methods. So the more different payment methods you offer to your customers, the more likely they are to use your store. Of course cash, debit-, gift card and check are implemented. But you can also let people pay with their PayPal account using PayPal Express. You then just connect automatically get connected to the PayPal website and the customer can enter their account login so you can deduct the amount due from their account. And when it comes to credit card we even give you a few options. You may use the most low tech version (for example for when you are not connected to the internet) where you can just enter the credit card details. You save these and process them later with a credit card processor of your choice. Of you may use our integrated here you can online process the credit card with only a few credit card details. The most thorough option to charge a customer's credit card is to charge them through PayPal credit card. You have to enter more details than with, but this gives you more assurance as seller. So whatever you or your customer desire, we have got it covered!

Other add-ons

Next to the payment gateways, we also included some other add-ons that might be useful. For example minFraud. This add-on can be used with a credit card payment. It checks what the possibilities are of your customer try to fraud you with the credit card they present. So more assurance for you that you will get the money you deserve. Another add-on is mailchimp. This add-on allows you to simply upload selected customers from your facilePOS database in mailchimp's mail lists. So no export needed to use mailchimp for all you marketing mailings. The last category of add-ons is that of automatic data adding to your items. With Google shopping search and scandit you can simply select items from which you have entered the barcode in the facilePOS system. And these two add-ons will automatically search the name and description belonging to this barcode in their database. Anything to save you some time and give you the best POS experience possible

some features

  • for simple credit card authorization
  • PayPal credit card authorization for more security
  • minFraud to test possibilities of fraud with the presented credit card
  • PayPal Express let's your customers pay with their PayPal account
  • Scandit to add names to items based on barcodes
  • Google shopping search to add names and descriptions to barcodes
  • Easily add customers to Mailchimp's mail lists for marketing mailings
  • And more!


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