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All the wishes in one system

facilePOS is made as one POS system for many different retailers. This way we can keep our prices low. But we know that as there are many different retailers, there are many different wishes. So we have built in some flexibility in the system to accommodate to everyone's wishes.

System settings

In the config page in facilePOS you can alter different settings like the currency you want to use in your system, the time zone you are in, the lay-out of the time and date notation and the number of rows in any table. Information such as the time zone and lay-out will be used for other functions in the system such as the sales page and the receipt.

Receipt template

The receipt itself can be altered as well. You can add your logo and import a template for your receipt. Off course you can select the width of the receipt to make sure your receipt printer is able to print the receipt flawless. And there are two fields available, one at the top and one at the bottom of the receipt, for you to fill. You can for example put your opening hours there or a slogan, whatever you like. There is a separate field for your return policy.

System look and feel

The logo you use for your receipt can also be displayed in the system itself. So you can personalize the system. You can also alter other aspects of the system as the colors used or the size of the pop-ups. And a final, but essential part of the personalization is the info - config page. Here you can add details such as the name, phone number and email address of your store. This information will be used in the entire POS system.


And even though it is not really personalizing the system, we would like to point out the shortcuts of the system. Because optimizing your personal efficiency is always a good thing right! Of course every option in the system can be reached by clicking on it. But some functions that you need often can also be reached by hitting a specific key on your keyboard. The function that can be reached that way are, logout, sales and returns page, change employee or checkout, receiving and customer page and reports. And you should also try the 'tab' key while you are in the system to speed up the sales process even more!

some features

  • Change the color of the layout to dark blue (default), black, red, white, green, pink
  • Make your own receipt template
  • Change the store name, add a store logo, create your own receipt template
  • Change almost everything on the config page such as currency, time set up etc.
  • Alter items and customers during a sale on the sales page
  • And more!