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There is more than sales alone

Off course sales are important and no one is really interested in all the stuff surrounding it. But analyzing your sales a bit further could give you great insight in how to improve sales and make it even more fun. facilePOS wants to help to give you an easy grip on your store.

Everything can be a report

All the data that you put in to the system, be it a customer's birthdays, item prices or sales per employee, can be put in a report. So whatever set of data you want to see or analyse it is possible. At the moment there are already a number of reports available, but if the one you want to see is not in the current set, just contact us so we can make it happen.

Report styles

There are currently two views available for reports, a graph or a table style. Every data set can be opened in both views so depending on your goal; a quick overview in a graph or an in depth analysis in a table, you can choose the appropriate view.

Report lists

Next to the graphs and the tables there are also a few lists available. There is a list in which you can see all the credit card payments that need to be accounted for. Or a list in which you see the tabs that different customers still have not fulfilled. And a list in which you can see the number of items in stock and which items are due for a re-order.

some features

  • Generate reports in graphs or table style
  • List credit card payments, tabs, stock
  • Generate a report for almost everything
  • Reports for profit, turnover, customers, suppliers, checkouts, employees, items, items kits, items coupons, sales, returns
  • And more!