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Corporate Social Responsibility

facilePOS is a young company that hopes to have a long and prosperous live ahead. But to achieve this, it is not only important to have a healthy company, we also need a healthy environment. facilePOS cannot sustain itself if we do not have a healthy community. And that community needs a healthy planet to survive at all. So even though we are young and small we want to contribute our part to making this world a better place.


To make sure we keep or even improve the health of the earth, facilePOS tries to save the environment as much as possible. Therefore we take the following measures:

  • We try to print as less as possible and we promote this to our clients as well.

  • We try to save energy wherever possible for example by totally switching off equipment as much as possible when not in use.

  • We try to work as much as possible with suppliers that support the environment as well.

  • We try to travel as less as possible by using IT solutions for communication and when we travel we try to make use of public transportation as much as possible.


As noted we are a young company so our resources as well as our leverage are not yet very powerful. But since every little bit counts, we will help out wherever we can.

Therefore we want to support non-profit organizations in their good causes. These organizations may use the facilePOS software free of charge so they can put their money where it is really needed. If you are, or know a non-profit organization who can benefit from our software, please contact us. Together we can and will make this world a better place!