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What is a store without the occasional promotion? To attract new customers and reward loyal ones a discount is a great tool. Of course you can just lower (temporarily) the prices of an item for all your customers. But sometimes it is just more rewarding to involve the customer himself. Let them take part in the lowering of the price as it were. And that is where coupons come in.

Coupon details

But of course there are no standard coupons at facilePOS. You can create them however you like. The most important feature of a coupon is the promotional value, how much discount does the customer get. You can choose two different discount options; a value or a percentage. With the value you can enter the amount of dollars (or whatever currency you use) the coupon can be spend for. With the percentage you can choose, you already guessed it, a percentage that the coupon gives a discount for. Of course the name of the coupon and other characteristics are yours to enter.

Coupon limitating conditions

You can also add specific conditions to your coupon. Because, of course you want to give your customers the discount, but at some point it needs to end so it does not destroy your financial situation. So you can add a maximum number of uses to the coupon. Or you can add a date until which the coupon is valid. With these two variables you could for example say that a coupon might be used 10 times before the end of the year, or whatever combination you think is suitable for your promotion.


And to make the coupon even more attractive, you can add a unique barcode. With this barcode you save a lot of time since you can just scan the coupon instead of entering it manually when a customer wants to use it at a sale. And on top of that you can easily track it and link it to a customer, just like any other item in your facilePOS system.

some features

  • A lot is possible with coupons
  • Create coupons with an end date or a maximum amount of uses
  • Print coupons with the barcodes you added
  • Barcode types (QR code, EAN Code 13, UPC Code, Code 128, Interleaved Code 2 of 5, Standard Code 2 of 5)
  • And more!


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