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The reasons you build your store

The most important things in any store, one could say, are the products and services that are for sale. What else would a customer come to visit the store for? So since products and services take such an important place in the sales process, we spend a lot of thought on how to implement them in facilePOS.

Adding items

For linguistic purposes we named them items, independent of it is a product or a service. These items can be entered in the system on the items page. There you can fill out a form per item with all the essential information you need the system to know to administer your sales. Examples of this information are the name of the product, the buying price and the selling price. And even if the government makes you apply two different kind of taxes to your item, no problem; you can enter them separately in the system. You can also add a category to an item. This makes it easier to analyse your sales afterwards. And to make your life as retailer a bit more easy, you can also add a unique barcode to your items. So no manual typing of codes for every sale, just one simple scan will do the job.


Off course you want to sell as much as possible. But to do that you need to have products to sell. So you need to keep inventory. facilePOS can help you with that as well. When you enter a new item you can enter the number of stock available and the minimum number of items you want to have in your store. When you sell an item the system will automatically deduct this from the available stock. And in a special report you can see which items are due for a reorder. And since you can also enter a supplier in the item sheet, you have all the information you need within reach. But when you order items, you want to monitor when they come in and how much you paid for them. This information can be entered on the receiving's page.

Item kits

Sometimes it might be usefull to combine different items in a package to make it attractable for customers to buy them. This can also be registered in facilePOS by entering an item kit. It needs the same information as an item does but gives you a whole new set of possibilities.


A special type of item is the coupon. This can give customers a discount in value (for example an amount of dollars or euro's) or in percentage. You can create them in facilePOS so you can register and track them. And even link them to a barcode so you can scan them as easy as any regular item.

Import / export

Of course it is nice that you can add and alter items, item kits and coupons manually. But if you want to add more items at the same time this might become troublesome. So that is why with facilePOS you can import excel sheets. If you fill out the data in the correct order you can just link the columns to the correct fields in the item sheet and the information will appear almost like magic. It is also possible to do this the other way around. You can use an excel export with all the item information for administration purposes. As easy as that.

some features

  • Create item kits
  • Track stock, view which items need to be reordered
  • Add a barcode (QR code, EAN Code 13, UPC Code, Code 128, Interleaved Code 2 of 5, Standard Code 2 of 5)
  • Create coupons
  • Add taxes to items which show up on reports
  • Item categories
  • Add a supplier to an item
  • Import/export to excel
  • And more!