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Hello, this is us!

Our small but focused team is devoted on bringing you the best Point of Sale software experience ever possible. Below you can learn more about them. And don't hesitate to contact them, because they are very eager to get to know you as well.

  • Sander Staal

    Sander Staal

    Director / Programmer

    By combining his Mechanical Engineering Bachelor studies with a Master in Business Administration Sander already had a broad interest. But by throwing in his 'hobby' of IT he became a real all-rounder as he demonstrated when he founded facilePOS, while he also took care of the programming. With his enthusiastic and innovative spirit he sees possibilities where others see problems. This makes him the best Director facilePOS could ever wish for.

  • Mandy Megens

    Mandy Megens

    Customer Service / Business Development

    Helping others has kept Mandy busy her whole life. And with the knowledge from her Business Administration Master and experience in the business world she is the perfect person to run the backside of our organization as smooth as possible. But only if she is not helping out customers! In her spare time she likes to read books, preferably a company biography. So she can use this knowledge to give our customers an even better POS experience.

  • Leon van Ginneken

    Leon van Ginneken

    Designer / Programmer

    Leon is not your typical Mechanical Engineer graduate. Even though his professors tried so hard to fill his head with only technical facts and figures he kept his passion for the beautiful things in life. Therefore he worked on many projects involving IT and design. Thanks to him facilePOS is looking as good as your new Sunday suit.