Plans & Pricing

Our promises

  • Functional: Offering the functions you need before you want them

  • Flexible: make it your own POS system

  • Facile: when you see the screen you know what to do

  • Security: safety first!

  • Requests: we will listen and act upon your wishes

  • Customer service: our dream is to realize your sales dreams!

Our deal

  • An easy, full functional POS for an affordable price

  • Cloud based

  • Runs on any platform


  • Only one click to start

  • No hidden costs

  • No hidden rules

  • Automatic updates

  • Automatic back-ups

  • Keyboard shortcuts

  • Always / everywhere accessible

  • Improving as we speak

  • Customer service here to help you


  • Top level security in data centers

  • SSL certified connection

  • Optimal firewall security

  • Daily Back-ups

  • Back-ups kept for one week

  • Support for

      Account disabling
      Password resetting

Offline sales page

  • All information necessary for sale is saved in browser

  • No internet necessary during offline sales

  • All sales are saved in log

  • Log can be mailed, exported, cleared and deleted

  • When connected to internet log is update in online sales page

  • Offline sales can be analyzed together with online sales


  • Authorize.net for simple credit card authorization

  • PayPal credit card authorization for more security

  • minFraud to test possibilities of fraud with the presented credit card

  • PayPal Express let's your customers pay with their PayPal account

  • Scandit to add names to items based on barcodes

  • Google shopping search to add names and descriptions to barcodes

  • Easily add customers to Mailchimp's maillists for marketing mailings


  • Connect employee

  • Sales record employee

  • Connect customer

  • Purchase history customer

  • Scan barcode items

  • Add discount per item (percentage / value)

  • Add discount per total sale (percentage / value)

  • All manually adjustable

  • Adjustable receipt template

  • All sales are listed

  • Bulk edit checkouts

  • Select payment method

      Gift card
      Credit card
      Debit card
      Put on tab
  • Cash return is calculated

  • Suspend sale

  • Open sale is saved when sales page is closed

  • Sale can be tested

  • External display support

  • Returns

  • Returns history

  • Taxes shown on receipt

  • Multiple checkouts

  • Multiple stores

  • Turnover / profit reports

  • Import checkouts

  • Export checkouts:

      XLS / XLSX /CSV


  • Add item info

  • Taxes

  • Categories

  • Add supplier

  • Add barcode

  • Track inventory

  • Inventory report

  • Add required inventory level

  • Re-stock signaling

  • Create item-kits

  • Export items:

      XLS / XLSX /CSV

  • Import items

  • Bulk edit items

  • Administrate receiving

  • Create coupons

  • Add barcode to coupons

  • Track coupons

Customer Relationship Management

  • Customer information

  • Notes

  • Purchase history

  • Assign discounts

  • Put on tab

  • Credit card

  • Add barcode

  • (bulk) Mail customers:


  • Import customers

  • Bulk edit customers

  • Export customers:

      XLS / XLSX /CSV


  • Sales record employee

  • Authorization

      Define what an employee sees
      Define what an employee can do
      Individually customizable

  • Employee information

  • Connect employee to sale

  • Individual login

  • Login of employee independent of checkout

  • Import Employees

  • Export employees:

      XLS / XLSX /CSV
  • Bulk edit employees


  • Reports in graphs or tables

      Profit per day/month
      Turnover per day/month
      Items/turnover/profit per customer
      Turnover per supplier/checkout/ employee

    1. Number of used coupons
      Items sold per category
      Turnover per payment type
      Returns per day
      Number of item kits sold

  • Overview of all Credit card payments

  • Overview of all put on tab sales

  • Overview of stock

  • Stock overview with re-order notification


  • Support for finding your hardware

  • Requirements for facilePOS described on our website

  • Advice on:

      Barcode scanner
      Receipt printer

    1. Cash drawer
      Card scanner
      External display